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July 2015

02/07/15 TUS Sabadell has already put into service on Route 12 two of the four Scania N94UB Omnicity ex-Tusgsal (295-298). Currently run on Route 12 but two of the four that not still service, is expected to be assigned on Route 8 or Route 10.

May 2015

06/05/15 One of the latest additions to the Baixbus Group, for Oliveras is a standard Iveco Urbanway (12m), three doors.

This is a new vehicle that has in stock Iveco factory. It is a complete vehicle, the body itself is a model of Iveco. A bus is fully assembled in France, as it indicated with the distinctive vehicle itself.

April 2015

24/04/15 As a result of the tender launched in December 2014, the TMB management has awarded four different manufacturers supplying the buses required for the replacement of vehicles this year end of its useful life, generally estimated at 14, and must be completed and submitted at most between December and January.

Will be 43 cars, three different types, articulated to regular lines, minibuses to local lines and open double deckers to Barcelona Bus Turistic. The total amount of the award is 16€ milion.

The lot largest award 27 articulated buses has been divided into two orders: 15 Solaris Urbino and 12 Volvo 7900. All Volvo engine will be hybrid, the first of 18 meters with this technology will serve to Barcelona.

March 2015
23/03/15 The Baixbus Group Companies, that lines operate in Hospitalet Llobregat and the Lower Nitbus are the in charge to put into service the new electric bus in different lines, L46, L52 and L96. The objective is verify its suitability for services in urban and suburban networks of the AMB.

The electric bus Irizar i2e. The bus that will circulate on trials model is i2e from Irízar, which is being tested in two cities in Spain: San Sebastián and Barcelona.

This model has been designed to allow a range of between 200 and 250 kilometers, with one battery charge load at the end of the day. With only five hours of charge is guaranteeded between 14 and 16 hours of service.

04/03/15 These days has been presented a model of electric bus that will work in the coming weeks in different lines of th scope of the metropolitan area. It is a first test for the future implementeation of this type of vehicle in the metropolitan bus network. The company Baixbus (operating lines Hospitalet del Llobregat and Nitbus) is responsible for putting into service the new electric bus lines in different (L46, L52 and L96) order to verify their suitability to serve in urban and suburan routes.

The bus will run tests of the model is i2e Baseque Irizar brand. It is an integral low floor bus with three doors and standard dimensions: it has a lenght of 12 meters and a width of 2.55m. It has a total of 24 seats, with a total capacity for 70 passengers. The batteries can recharged in garage up to 5 hours and their autonomy is estimated at a total of 14 hours

September 2014

26/09/14 On Septembrer 25, has been presented 4 new vehicles that will join to the BaixBus fleet of metropolitan bus. Buses presented in Sant Boi are already circulating in PR1 and L12 lines which connects Prat, Hospitalet and Barcelona, L82, from Hospitalet to Gava and L96 from Sant Boi and Castelldefels.

These new units are part of the 107 total units to enter service throughout the Rwnewal Plan 2013-2015

22/09/14 Since September 22nd, the route 88 is being operated by Monbus, using the new Mercedes Benz Citaro. 

02/09/14 Sagalés and the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia presented in Sentmenat publicly and officially the new bus exprés.cat. This is the e-10, making the journey Barcelona - Mogoda - Polinyā - Sentmenat which comes into force on September 8.

The e10 or fast bus between the city and Sentmenat passes through the municipalities of Mogoda and Polinyā. Circulating C-33, thus improving the frequency and consolidates a much more competitive rate shopping, which are its main advantages.

Fleet service is 100% adapted for people with reduced mobility, and has wifi on board and free press, thus ensuring the accessibility, quality and comfort.

August 2014

Transports Municipals de Barcelona (TMB) has joined the TMB bus service the first of two electric buses latest i2e, Irizar, which will test the long-term European project to promote Zeus urban electric transport, funded by the European Union. Barcelona continues advancing the effective implementation of electric vehicles without polluting emission local public transport in the city, with the aim of improving the environment and the efficiency of the fleet.

The vehicle was initially assigned to the line 20 (Ferry Terminal - Pl. Congress) and will later be integrated into other lines.
July 2014

10/07/14 Have been presented today in Vilamoura 8 new buses for the improvement of transport services between municipalities of the Baix Llobregat. It has been presented eight new vehicles that will join the metropolitan bus fleet, namely the L80, L81, L82, L85, L86 lines L87, L96, L97 L99 i belonging to the granting and U1 service connecting Castelldefels and Barcelona. 

In total, for these lines provides for the incorporation of 20 new vehicles, with a total investment of 4.6 million euros. A part of the 8 presented today, next fall will join 3 other of hybrid technology. By combining diesel and electric engines, this technology saves 30% of emissions, and a significant reduction in noise pollution. 

Finally, before the end of the year, will enter service 5 more vehicles with Euro 6 engine, which is awarded to the lines before intermunicipal mencionades caracter. The remaining 4 buses Plan are already giving outstanding service.

01/07/14 This morning have been presented seven new vehicles will join the Metropolitan bus fleet, namely the SB1 lines, L74 and L75 of municipality. 

Overall, in Sant Boi incorporation of 14 new vehicles to be awarded among other lines SB1, L74, L75, L77 L78, with a total investment of 3.4 million euros is expected. A part of the presented today, next fall will join 3 others, and 1 other Euro 6 engine with the urban lines SB2 and SB3. 

Finally, in January 2015 into circulation three hybrid vehicles Euro 6 engine.

June 2014


New vehicles renew the current fleet of urban and intercity lines and form part of the renovation plan that is conducting the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB). This week were presented eight new vehicles join the metropolitan bus fleet, particularly the lines L10, L12, L14, L16, CJ, L'H1 and H2 L'township. 

February 2014


The bus BYD K9, the first 100% electric current fleet TMB is already serving time in a regular trade line 45, which makes the route between Horta and Passeig Marítim. The car, bearing the serial number 1106, covers every day between 7 am and 9 pm, about 200 km route without additional refills thanks to the autonomy that will enable next-generation batteries.

The addition of the TMB fleet K9 is for two years and lease with option to purchase, under the agreement signed with the Chinese manufacturer BYD. The car, which is the operational base for the garage Horta is a test of the time allocated to line 45 as an example of sea-mountain route, before moving on to another line of different profile in order obtain more complete data on their performance.


November 2013
Transports Municipals de Barcelona (TMB) has joined a 5 new Volvo 7900 Hybrid